Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Craft Crazy

There's a couple reasons why I've been so unfaithful to the blogger world these past couple months. Clinicals being the main one and checking of that fall bucket list that I made with Miss Casey is another. The third reason is.......crafting! I swear there's something about Pinterest that inspires me to be the most creative woman on this planet and go craft crazy. Let's just say, I've been appreciating those Michaels' coupons in the Sunday paper a WHOLE lot more than I have in the past! 

A Halloween wreath to hang on the front door!

A decorated pumpkin for our table centerpiece! So simple! Just painted on the circles then added the C for Conley! The bedazzled jewels gave it the perfect touch!

Here's my favorite! All you need is an empty wine bottle, gems, Christmas lights, and a hot glue gun! Glue gems to the wine bottle, add in the lights,  and what do you have? A NIGHT LIGHT! 

I was a little nutty over Halloween this year. I could hardly wait for the Hocus Pocus reruns to begin so I figured what's more perfect than a Halloween countdown? I spray painted a cookie sheet, painted on the letters, then decorated it with some cute stickers/ribbon/letters. (And yes, you read it right. I definitely screwed up the numbers. 14,13,14,13,12- That's what writing a lesson plan, listening to music, and crafting at the same time does to me! Woops!)

I'm wrapping up my last couple weeks with my sweet third graders. I don't even want to think about leaving their sweet faces- they bring way too much joy into my life! Whenever clinicals are over and the holiday's arrive, I'm hoping to write less lesson plans and do MORE crafting! 

I'm off to bed! Night ya'll!

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